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Rehearsal is a subjective term. One take is ideal. Editing is a matter of fancy.


6. The Jerz: Dookie Calling (the recent future)
I Wanna Be a Dookie
I Was So Dookie
Dookie on the Sidewalk
Dookie Bop
White Dookie
Dookie in the USA
Take the Dookies Bowling
Ambient Dookie
Emotional Dookie (An Investigation in 5 Parts)
Lookin' For Some Dookie (medley)
The Sounds of Dookie
Dot Dot Dot and a Dookie (.....)
The Explanation (Dookie)

5. Pussygoat: Pussygoat EP (2010)
This Ain't the Kinda Life for Me (R. Grove)
Bag 'n Some Booze (R. Grove)
Honky Tonk Laundry Room (Glimmer Twins)

4. The Jerz: Introducing Dookie (2010)
Dookie Opera (A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Nonsense)
Swing Low Sweet Dookiat
Sweet Dookiat (downtown version)

3. Beefle: A Beefle in the Hand is Worth Two (2010)
So She Left Me (J. Hedrick)
International Arms Traffic Blues (Mountain Goats)
Caliope (J. Hedrick)
Wrecking Ball (G. Welch)

Beefle: Power to the Beefle (2006)
pee wee's herman hands (beefle)
here i go again (again) (coverdale)
all about me (on method) (beefle)
city songs (songs of the city) (jerzey)—originally appeared as 7" promo in the UK
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Beefle: Up With Beefle (2005)
trailer park kids (an autobiographical report)
[explicit hollering] (beefle)
more closer [explicit lyrics] (reznor)
kkk took my baby away (ramones)
peace, love, and thanksgiving (lowe)
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