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2006 Call for Papers

Submissions Now Being Accepted

Shadow NCA is now accepting submissions for the 2005 Annual Convention in San Antonio , November 2006.  All proposals must be submitted over email here. Submissions will be accepted until October 15, 2005. 



Founded in 2004, NCA is a non-profit organization of researchers, educators, students, and practitioners whose academic interests span all forms of convention going. NCA is the oldest and largest national organization serving the academic discipline of Conventions and Conventioning. Through its services, scholarly publications, resources, conferences and conventions, NCA works with its members to strengthen the profession and contribute to the greater good of the educational enterprise and society.Research and instruction in the discipline focus on the study of how conventions in various media are produced, used, and interpreted within and across different contexts, channels, and cultures.



If you have suggestions or additions, please contact the National Convention Association (Shadow NCA) at our national headquarters in Times Square, New York City (212-555-8665, phone; 212-555-3873, fax) or at the forthcoming international offices in Tokyo and Prague.