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War Bad (mad version) (by Amanda Grove)
America (by Amanda Grove)
Dirty (Jason Del Gandio tries to be all the dirt that he can be)
Whatever Rant (Amanda Grove is a little irritated)
I am Standing (Jason Del Gandio lashes out and gets hooked on a line)
George Bush Dreams (Jen Tuder's oneiric polyptych)
    1. dream of petroleum plenty
    2. dream of the dupoloy one
    3. dream of the duopoly two
    4. dream of the lightning-struck tower
I Sit (Amanda Grove waits and waits and waits)
Hands (Jason Del Gandio's debt to calloused paws)
Landlord (Aaron Klemz on academic classism)
What I Learned Being a Corporate Whore (by the re-formed Amanda Grove)
    a. Grab Bag
    b. Ode to Little Man
    c. Woman
    d. On the Horizon
Song of the Open Road (Alons! Aaron Klemz reads Whitman)
War Bad (bad version) (by Amanda Grove)
Deus. Vox. Machina. (Michael LeVan's poems about political voices)
The Big Quit (Chris Milazzo's "reality audio" performance document of quitting a job, remixed with a funky beat)
Brand W (Michael LeVan's audio essay about the presidency, aura, and brand marketing)
Straight Talk (Marcy Chvasta's spoof language product commercial)

Intellectual Precarity (combining intellectual labor and precarity with activist hope)
Performance for Cinematic Time
(the performance was the making, but this is the performance-thing made )
Perfect Human (a group film made with several obstructions. smaller version here)
Tube-rculosis: Media Consumption (a mediated look at the mediation of experience of Nine Eleven)

Dissent—Distance—Dissent (On the multitude, distances between people, activism, and that fudgy smell)
(Rule Book for) Invisible Bodies (On memory, absence, rehearsal, and collaboration)
The Punctum of Responsiveness (On FEMA, trauma poaching, and other disasters)

Performance Projects
Connaction: Hairproject; Or, In Praise of Follicles
    a. From Mystory to Hairstory----> [originally presented as a video installation in tandem with two other "hair pieces" exploring ontological conditions of performance]
    b. eternal return [during the live performance of this piece in San Antonio, Texas, this audio track played while the author/director had her hair cut by two other performers, enacting the tensions of liveness and mediation in performance]

Shock & Autonomy (a multi-site digital/live performance experiment—performed 5/04)

Web Actions
National Convention Association—NCA (under construction)

Related Projects
Beefle (an Ed Wood ethic brought to the recording studio)
Little tiny films/no editing productions (making movies in 60 minutes or less)
Amanda Grove's Inertia30 (a performance endurance event: 30 different 30-minute performances in 30 days at 30 different venues—summer '05)
Inertia30 promo video (based on the first 8 days of performances. Crank up your speakers—added 8/05).